Transition Management

If you are struggling with business downtime, and feel your current space is impacting negatively on employee experience, our advanced planning and strategic communication team can guide you through the Transition Management process with ease.

our strengths

 Adaption of hybrid working styles – via the workplace Transition Process – can be a daunting exercise for those tasked with making change happen.

Our approach to change starts with your most valuable asset, your Staff.  Through our strategic planning and hands-on communication process, we ensure that your transition to Hybrid Working becomes a positive experience for all.

Complete delivery

From initial meeting to rollout of solutions and post change support.

We act with pace

Country wide

We go to you, whereever you are.

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Considered Move Management

We manage restacks and relocations from crates to final clean up.

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Guaranteed Value

Depth in our supply chain selection means costs you can trust

our transition services

Our extensive experience in the bespoke fitout market means we can redefine your work environments and create experiences that respond to the ever changing needs of your workforce.
The ICONS tailored approach connects People, Space and Technology, and provides a clear vision for your workplace with a clear plan for getting there.