Transition Services

Our extensive experience in the bespoke fitout market means we can redefine your work environments and create experiences that respond to the ever changing needs of your workforce.
The ICONS tailored approach connects People, Space and Technology, and provides a clear vision for your workplace with a clear plan for getting there.

transition services


Our team of experts bring your people into the heart of the creation process, aligning your work styles and your needs with the physical environment you occupy.


Observing how space is currently used and figuring out if we need more space or could we use what we have in a better way?

We deep dive to produce inspiring layouts that optimise the use of available space.


Successful workplace transformation requires people’s willingness to adapt to new change.  

We help to craft and deliver a Change Roadmap tailored to your employees, with regular communication channels for information updates.  This approach enables seamless transition & also focuses on sustaining change.


If you need to return surplus space to your landlord as part of your transition process, we can provide significant cost savings on your reinstatement obligations.

Our inhouse team can clear and dispose of surplus furniture and fixed equipment, carry out all floor, wall, ceiling and M&E repair works needed to satisfy lease obligations.